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Blue Marlin Fishing in Quepos

Fishing Report 2014 Costa Rica: December 2014

December 26
36′ out of Los Suenos Released 2 Sailfish on Fly Hooked 1 Blue Marlin Then some bottom fishing for some Snappers, some Groupers. Total 15 different fish which makes for a nice dinner.


December 24
12 inshore 1 Snapper and 15 Spanish Mackerel


December 23
1 Rooster fish and then out for 5 Sailfish released.

Sailfishing in Quepos

December 22
The 32 Boat released 2 Rooster fish inshore, Then when out and released 4 Sailfish.


December 19
Joshua and his group had 8 Sailfish and a nice Dorado for a nice day out on the Quepos fishing waters.

Sailfishing in Quepos

December 14
Another great Quepos fishing day out on the water .Today’s group had a big catch 19 sailfish released and 3 Mahi Mahi. Are crews are on there game!

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Quepos

December 13
Today the family on the 32 had 9 Sailfish, 2 nice Yellowfin Tuna and 1 Dorado

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Quepos

December 10
Our Donald group of 4 had a nice day. 10 sailfish released 8 Yellowfin Tuna, 1 Mahi Mahi

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Quepos

December 9
The group on the 44 had a stellar day releasing 24 Sailfish not to shabby !

Mahi Mahi Fishing in Quepos

December 8
Today’s group from Los Suenos drove down to do some Quepos inshore fishing. 3 nice Roosterfish and 3 Jacks and a nice big Barracuda

December 2
Today the Martin group fishing Flamingo on 2 boats for there group of 8 had a good day 1 boat got 3 sails , Other 32 boat got 4 sails and 1 Mahi Mahi

December 1
Client (Captain Bob ) on the 44 Luhrs had 9 Quepos Sailfish and 4 nice Dorado for the dinner plate.

Dorado fishing in Quepos

Chris Crespi and his 2 sons Conner (15) and Anthony (18) headed out on the 44″ for a great day out on the Quepos fishing waters 3 sailfish and a big Bull Dorado that son Anthony caught. They had a very nice Blue Marlin on for a while but threw the hook! Not bad for Green season in Manuel Antonio


Nikki Seybold on the 33’ Dawson with her children released 15 Sailfish


Andy with Nick and Grace on the 32’ released 15 Sailfish.

Tony Jakacki along with Gary Armstrong and Terry started off inshore today with not too many sardines so headed offshore for the remainder of the day releasing 5 Sailfish in the afternoon. Brent Goodland on the 29’ released 10 Sailfish and 1 Mahi.

fishing in Quepos

Chris Doyle on the 33’ released 6 Sailfish, Terri Helleck, Gary Armstrong and Terry on a split on the 32’ released 7 Sailfish and 1 Mahi Mahi and Paul on the 29’ released 5 Sailfish and 1 Mahi

Day one of the Billfish Cup with 94 Billfish and 1 Marlin released. Jack Klotz on the 32’ release 7 Sailfish and 1 Mahi and Danielle Maxey on the 33’ released 1 Sailfish and 1 Mahi


Joining Brian Treece, Johnny G and Johnny A today releasing 5 Sailfish on the 33’ while Jeff Hansen on the 29’ released 4 Sailfish and Annie Arnest did a halfday inshore for Roosterfish, 3 Spanish Mackerals and Jacks

Sailfishing in Quepos

The Girls out for their own Valentines half day releasing 4 Sailfish and had 2 hits on Mahi


Brian Treece, Johnny G and Johnny A on the 33’ released 8 Sailfish today while Joseph Huber on his last day stayed inshore and had 9 snapper, 3 Jacks and 2 Roosters

Joseph Huber second day offshore on the 32 released 3 sailfish while the Bertschs on their final day offshore released 7 Sailfish and 1 Grouper and Ronnie Schwenk on the 28’ released 5 sailfish and a grouper


Brian Treece on the 33’ first day with Johnny G and Johnny A released 9 Sailfish

Sailfishing in Quepos Sailfishing in Quepos

The Bertch’s with family offshore today released 5 Sailfish and 4 Mahi Mahi and a boat load of shrimp from one of the shrimp boats

On a split charter today for AJ and amy and John another fantastic day for split charter with the release of 15 Sailfish and 1 Mahi, Inshore client Paul Dehart in half day had 1 Roosterfish released and a giant Roosterfish that broke the line, Spanish Mackeral and some needlefish. While Shawn Malchek on the 33’ released 22 Sailfish.

On a 4 way split on the 32’ Bob Curley joined Scott Ketter and another couple and Releasing 18 Sailfish and also had Mahi Mahi

Charlie Barber and the Shines in their final day offshore released 12 Sailfish and also had 2 Mahi Mahi

The Bertsch’s on the 33’ Released 11 Sailfish and had one nice red snapper while Paul DeHart and David on the 28’ With Captain Rafa released 13 Sailfish, 1 nice Wahoo to the boat and 1 Dorado. Great day!

Charlie Barber and the Shines stayed inshore today and had lots of action with 3 Spanish Mackeral, 1 Jack, 1 Snapper and 1 Grouper while on the 32’ in a 3/4 day the clients released 6 Sailfish and 2 Dorado while the 32’ Luhrs went to 42 miles today for 16 Sailfish releases.

Thane Nothem on the 32 released 6 Sailfish and 2 Dorado, While the Barbers released 5 Sailfish on the 33’ The 32’ Luhrs went out to 42 Miles today and released 16 Sailfish and the 43’ released 5 Sails and had 2 Yellow fin tuna.

Tony Avivolo on the 32’ released 5 Sailfish with his 2 invited guests

Sailfishing in Quepos

Jeff, Rob and Glen Brandt stayed inshore for their 3rd and final day fishing with us and had fun with 9 Spanish Mackeral and 4 Jacks. Corrina Echeverria and her husband on the 33 released 5 Sails. Tony Avivolo on the 28’ really enjoyed his day and released 7 Sailfish. 3/4 day clients Megan and Brandon released 6 Sails prior to their flight back to the States.

Costa Rica Fishing Report January 2014

Quepos Fishing Report Sailfishing in Quepos

January 31
Arriving to the boat with some blisters from reeling in 10 Sails yesterday The Brandts on their second full day offshore released 3 Sailfish and 1 Dorado


January 30
Jeff, Rob and Glen Brandt spent the first of their 3 days here offshore releasing 9 Sailfish while the Hoards on their Second day on the 33’ released 10 Sailfish

Fishing in Quepos

January 29
The Hoards on the 33 released 7 Sailfish and 2 Dorado, the Vanzutples on the 32’ released 3 Sailfish and 1 Dorado

January 28
Holly Sirriani and Mike on their Second Day Offshore released 14 Sailfish and 2 Mahi with Capt. Rafa, Dwayne Andies and his wife Karen released 9 Sailfish and today the Bertsch Family out with lots of friends and family kept everyone entertained with the release of 15 Sailfish

Sailfishing Queposh

January 27
Samuel Dowdy on the 32’ released 7 Sailfish and 2 Mahi, Dick and Pat Nolan on their 4th and final day of offshore here this trip invited Jerry Reilly and Ronny Schwenk and Nick Batten out capturing all of the action on film for the Nolans out for lots of action and the Release of 5 Sailfish.

January 26
Holly Sirriani and Mike on the 28 released 11 Sailfish and 1 Mahi today. Peter Van Voris and his wife on the 32’ along with Tony Jakacki released 8 Sailfish. Pat and Dick Nolan invited Kenny Bertsch and Jerry out for the day Offshore for a day out at the Furuno as the bite had moved North so most boats headed North This morning. Pat Nolan while at the Furuno hooked into a 80-90 pound Sailfish on a Spinning Reel with 20 lb. Test and on a Bucktail Jig and successfully after 20 minutes and a gentle ease to the boat 3 times released the Sailfish. Also 1 other Sailfish was released and a beautiful 35 lb. Red Snapper.

35 Pounds Snapper Release Sailfish

January 25
Pat and Dick Nolan along with Nick Batten went offshore today with a day that was more productive in the spotting of Sea Turtles released 2/4 Sailfish while the reported bite for the Los Suenos last day of Triple Crown reported the bite had definitely moved North.

Rooster Fishing in Quepos Rooster Fishing Quepos

Quepos Rooster Fishing Dorado Fishing in Quepos

January 22
Bruce Karhu and Jerry on the 33’ with Capt. Kevin released 18 Sailfish and bite is at 15 miles. These are the days I love so much and bring me back to when we were first here in Costa Rica. Nick Perrino fished the 32’ and released 5 Sailfish and 3 Dorado to bring back to Dominical the 45 Viking was flying 10 Sailfish Release flags today



January 21
David Allaire his wife, Daughter, Son in Law and Granddaughter all out for a full day Offshore releasing 8 Sailfish, while inshore clients Ray Dame had Roosterfish, Mackeral and Jacks and the Bertsch’s inshore had 3 Jack Crevalle, 5 Mackeral and 1 Red Snapper

Dorado Fishing in Quepos

January 20
Scott McWhinnie and Amy out with Capt. Kevin released 9 sailfish today. Stating that after fishing all over the World this was the best crew he has ever fished with. Lance Davis and Jay out with Capt. Glen released 8 Sailfish and had 1 Mahi Mahi for dinner, Michael Voltz on a 3/4 day with Capt. Franklin released 3 Sailfish before returning to San Jose while Bruce Karhu inshore had Snapper, Triple Tail, Sea Bas and some Needle fish

Sailfishing in Quepos


January 19
Chip Leer with Capt. Glen released 16 Sailfish today for their second day out after opting out of inshore with the offshore action. Lots of smiles here. Ray Dame and Jay released 11 Sailfish conventionally with Capt. Roy Solano on the 31’ Inshore being quite slow today with no Sardines around Released 1 Roosterfish for Bruce Karhu and Jerry. While clients on the Cat released 18 for the 9 fisherman onboard.

January 18
Chip Leer for first day Offshore released 5 Sailfish and 1 Dorado

January 17
Kenny Bertch out with Capt. Kevin released 3 Sailfish


January 16
Alexey Evdokimov from Russia wanted to catch a big fish and now he can say he has. Out with Lewis and Oman they landed to nice Quepos Sailfish and he was so happy. Bet his buddy wish they had come along.

Quepos Fishing Report

January 13
Amber and JD Huether headed offshore today and thankfully the bite increased over yesterday. Today on the Full Moon for those of you who fish Moon Phases, they released 5 of 7 Sailfish..

January 12
Ken and Terri Bertsch out with their family released 2 Sailfish and raised 2 more and also had some action with some baitfish.

Quepos Fishing Report

January 09
Kerry Creek spent the day with his wife offshore with lots of fun action releasing 3 Sailfish and 3 Dorado.

Quepos Fishing Report

January 08
Garrett Merkin, Kate and Sam headed offshore today and with captains all having been pushing out to 45 past Green Water, Captain Kevin was pleased to find a bite at 25. They raised 6 Sailfish, released 3 Sailfish and also had a nice 60 lb. Dorado for Dinner. Inshore clients Gabrielle Perron and his buddy were so happy to have gotten 3 Roosterfish, Baracuda and 6 Jacks.


January 07
Parker Platt headed offshore and all the way to 45 miles and released 1 Sailfish. Inshore Tim Henshaw released 2 Roosterfish, Baracuda, Mackeral and Jacks and again so delighted to have that inshore experience with Roosterfish.

Quepos Fishing Report Quepos Fishing Report

January 03
Clients from Dominical Julienne and her husband released 1 Sailfish.


January 02
Chris Huwaldt fishing his second day with us had a second stellar day Raising 3 Marlin and releasing 2 of them. Also released 3 Sailfish and 1 Mahi. While Freddie, Belinda and Mario Gonzalez on their second day offshore as well had 2 Mahi Mahi.