Costa Rica, the exception of America during the coronavirus epidemic

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

While other countries in the Americas face the worst phase of the coronavirus epidemic, Costa Rica accumulates six days of sustained reduction in active cases and the lowest mortality derived from the outbreak on the continent.

Once again, the small and stable Central American democracy emerges as the best of its kind, with an advantageous universal public health system and a population that, for the most part, has complied with the sanitary measures issued by the Government.

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health reported a total of 681 coronavirus cases on Wednesday, 48 days after confirming the first patient, an American tourist. It is the accumulated after six days in which the new patients have been less than the recovered.

The sum of new cases in the last six days is 39 and recovered, 106. This allowed active cases to decrease from 564 to 495 in the country of 5 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, America is about to take the place of Europe as the new focus of the epidemic, after surpassing the million infected.

The Costa Rican health authorities report presents six deaths associated with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. This places the case fatality rate at 0.9%, the lowest among countries on the continent, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University, in the United States. Marina pez vela ,costa rica cool ,costa rica ,fishing in costa rica ,fishing in quepos ,love fishing ,fishin glife ,quepos fishing ,sport fishing ,deep sea fishing ,costa rica fishing ,yacht ,luxury ,fish ,flyfishing ,bass fishing ,fishing life ,manuel Antonio national park ,trout ,bass ,largemouthbass ,angler ,hunting ,fishing trip ,saltlife ,tightlines ,fisherman ,fishon ,largemouth ,fishing is life ,spear fishing ,pesca ,outdoors ,big fish ,fishing ,carpa ,fishing in quepos ,marlin fishing ,marlin ,sailfish ,sailfish fishing ,tuna ,dorado ,mahimahi ,manuel antonio ,quepos fishing charters costa rica, quepos fishing charters, quepos fishing adventure, quepos fishing report, quepos fishing packages, best quepos fishing charter, quepos inshore fishing, quepos deep sea fishing, quepos fishing marina,

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