Quepos in the best sailfish destinations in the world.

Costa Rica is a tropical jewel sandwiched between two oceans. This makes the country home to world-famous places and opportunities for world-class sport fishing. The more than 40 world sport fishing records that have been set along the country's Pacific coast speak for themselves; this is a genuinely unique and amazing sport fishing spot.

Sport fishing in Costa Rica is a great activity because it is fun and entertaining for everyone; If you are traveling with your family or just come to enjoy fishing, you are in the right place. Families can go out to sea to try to make the catch of their lives - and see that the catch could be as big as the kids in your family! If you are an angler, you can find a variety of fish, such as marlin, roosters, mahi mahi, sailfish, tuna, and much more, available to catch.

Fishing is so popular in Costa Rica that you can find all kinds of prices offered by a variety of tourism companies. It doesn't matter if your budget is big or small, you can find adventures that last only half a day or that will take you out to sea for up to seven days. Many of the companies also follow a catch and release system.

Two Coasts

Costa Rica is home to a number of beautiful lakes, miles of meandering rivers, and it also has two coasts that open to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. These two coasts make the small country of Costa Rica a powerful fishing oasis and, to a fisherman's delight, offer some of the most diverse options to be found in all of Central America. The two coasts are also very accessible, as the country has a small land mass. From the capital city of San José, you can reach the Pacific or Caribbean coasts in just 30 minutes by flight. That means you can head to one coast for a few days, then take a short trip to visit the other, and continue fishing. Some of the best deep-sea fishing can be found in a three to four hour drive from the capital to the inland waters of the Limón province.

The Pacific coast is the clear winner of the two, but both coasts offer impressive settings for sport fishing. Each coast has its own unique advantages and seasons. The Pacific coast is famous for blue and black marlin, sailfish and goldfish, while the Caribbean is home to tarpon and snook. The worst season for fishing in the Pacific is from September to November, while on the Caribbean side, avoid fishing from June to July.

Where and when to go

Believe it or not, sport fishing can be an experience full of feeling and adrenaline. Once you are in the water with the waves rocking your boat and you feel a tug on your line, you will feel like you are canopying or rafting. Getting a 50-inch swordfish that is fighting your line is no easy task - it takes concentration and skill, and you won't even have time to think or blink!

Some of the best places in the country for fishing is Quepos in Manuel Antonio.

Characterized by calm waters, powerful fish, and breathtaking views, Manuel Antonio and Quepos is a trophy destination for sport fishing. Here, fishermen will be able to appreciate the three species of marlin - blue, black and striped. Closer to the coast, roosterfish ranks as the most hunted fish among coastal species, including snapper, mackerel, among others. Whether you are an old sea lion or a young beginner, casting a line into the waters off Manuel Antonio will prove to be an exciting experience. Throughout your adventure, you will be able to see sea turtles, dolphins and sometimes even gigantic whales. The boats come equipped with friendly, bilingual guides, grade A equipment such as combat chairs, water wells, radars and fish finders. Credit: fishcostarica.org

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