Quepos, Costa Rica Fishing Report April 2016 | Quepos Fishing

April 21

sailfishing in qupos fishing in qupos marlin fishing in qupos
The Offshore World Championship 2016 tournament had another great year, with many boats competing. The Quepos Fishing 38’ Luhrs had a fantastic last day, catching a run of 10 Sailfish. We had a nice Blue Marlin on the line but lost it at the boat. It happens. Good job all around, guys! Nice to see some other boats starting to catch some Marlins, too.

April 10

sailfishing in quepos jack fishing
Last week’s Tournament 2nd Place winner Captain Roberto and crew today had guest Daniel Costa and friends on the Cabo It was a last-minute decision because the boat he’d been on had some mechanical issues. On the Cabo, he caught 5 Sailfish, including a double landing with his wife! You don’t see that everyday. They also pulled in 3 Jacks.

April 08

Wahoo Fishing
Last day of the private tournament, which ran from April 4th-8th. The Quepos Fishing team on the 38’ Luhrs raised 16 Sailfish, landing eight! They also landed a really nice Costa Rica Wahoo.
Luke Bryan Luke Bryan
Also, congratulations to Luke Bryan for his song, Huntin, Fishin, and Lovin Every Day. For his video we had the privilege of taking him and his wife out on the water to hook up some Sailfish! They’re great people, and we were happy to be able to help out!

April 05

Today’s Quepos fishing report has Larry Demicpli on our 30’ Gamefisher charter boat, and he landed 7 Sailfish! Too bad they weren’t in the tournament going on, or they would have been the top boat for the day. Meanwhile, the team on our 38’ Luhrs had just 4 Sailfish keeping them in the hunt. I think the wild headdress might have scared the dos! Lol

April 04

fishing in quepos
Today was the start of a private Tournament, with only six of the local boats included — one of which was the Quepos Fishing 38’ Luhrs with Ryan Lindy. Fishing was slow but we still managed to get 6 Sailfish in the boat. We’ll see how they fare tomorrow! But our 35’ Cabo with Captain Roberto ended the day in 1st Place, with 13 Sailfish caught. Great job, everyone.

Want to enjoy the great Quepos fishing waters aboard the same boat Luke Bryan used for his song’s video? Contact us to schedule your day on the water — and maybe catch some great Sailfish while you’re enjoying the trip!