Quepos, Costa Rica Fishing Report August 2016 | Quepos Fishing

August 15

mahi mahi fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos
Our guest Jeff Wilcox and his friends with about 300 pounds of prime eating! The 31’ Custom strikes again, it seems. They fought and won, bringing in three 40-pound Tuna, a pleasantly fat Grouper, a 40 or 50 pound Mahi (Grilled Mahi Mahi, anyone?), and no, the big one did not get away this time. They pulled in a whopping 100-pound Sailfish! Thanks to the knowledge of the captain and his mate, Jeff was able to fish some of Quepos’ best waters.

August 10

Out on the 38’ it seems disaster struck! After fighting a prime Marlin for over 30 minutes it broke free, leaving our guests to talk about the one that got away over beers later that night. But they sure didn’t come away empty-handed, because we got them into some great Quepos fishing waters and they landed 5 Sailfish! Neptune felt guilty for letting the Marlin get away, perhaps. Interestingly, we’d been seeing tons of Marlin lately. This might be the best time of year to catch Marlin, and it just happens to be in the middle of Summer Vacation in the U.S.

August 06

fishing in quepos  fishing in quepos
The 38’s captain proved his prowess once again today, and today Quepos fishing was all about Mr. Magnificent — Mike Linder started out slow, but he never gave up and soon he found his groove. Mike used master angler skills to hook and land a 250-pound Marlin! Way to go, Mike, for not letting this be the big one that got away! He celebrated his win by letting the fish go, ready to do battle another day in the prime Quepos fishing waters.

And by the way – that made three straight charters in a row where guests on the 38’ caught Marlin!

August 04

marlin fishing snapper fishing marlin fishing
Marlin, Marlin, Marlin! Showing why Quepos fishing is the best fishing, our guest Lindsey Ott had hoped to give her husband the gift of landing a Sailfish yesterday without success, but they made up for it today by winning his battle to land — if you can believe it — a 600-pound Marlin! It took over two-and-a-half hours to land that catch of a lifetime. Way to go!

Meanwhile, on the 38’, the captain and our guests had a fantastic day. They pulled a Sailfish and a really big Tuna, then to top it all off they landed a 400-pound Marlin! It was a great day for Quepos Fishing and our friends. There were reports that another of our charter fishing boats got to catch-and-release another Marlin, so we’re holding our breath for someone to get a shot at landing the ultimate catch Marlin! We’re seeing some nice Snappers getting caught out at the Fruno, too.

Think you can beat Mr. Ott’s 600-pound Marlin? Call us to set up your chance to land a memory that will last a lifetime!