Quepos, Costa Rica Fishing Report January 2018 | Quepos Fishing

January 31

tuna fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos
The crew aboard the Raven just keep on getting those Marlin and today Tuna. Rob Jones and Bill Newcomb fishing 8 years here had a fantastic day with the Release of 2 Marlin, a Sailfish and 2 Tuna one over 100 pounds and the other almost 100 lbs. While the crew on the MoonWalker also with long time anglers and fishing 4 days here Ray Grover and Ken got a 2 Tuna over 1 of them over 100 lbs and released 1/5 on Sailfish

January 30

dorado fishing dorado fishing
The Raven 38’ Bertram captained by Rudy Solano finding those sweet spots for clients releasing 2 Blue Marlin, 2 Sailfish and 3 Mahi Mahi for Dinner while Captain Rolando Chaves at the Helm on the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker released 2/5 on Sailfish today.

January 29

sailfishing dorado fishing
MoonWalker today releasing 5/9 on Sailfish and 2 Mahi Mahi for clients Ray Grover and Ken

January 28

tuna fishing crew
The 38’ Bertram today out amongst all the Los Suenos boats as they are chasing the bite here off of Quepos releasing 3 Sailfish and got a nice tuna for some sashimi aboard while Jeff Bliss aboard the 33’ Dawson only wanted a Marlin and that was his very first release of a nice Blue Marlin and then followed by the release of a Sailfish and 3 Mahi for Dinner. I think we might see him again.

January 27

tuna fishing tuna fishing
The MoonWalker today raised 1 Marlin for Thomas and Thomas they fed plenty with 4 Tuna and 2 Mahi, while the Raven 38’ Bertram raised 2 Marlin released 5 Sailfish and got 3 Tuna for Richard Seehase who came to Costa Rica to catch a Sailfish. I am 100% sure of his return to Costa Rica

January 26

mahi mahi fishing
The 38’ Bertram Raven Captained by Rudy Solanos Takes 1st Place for the Sailfish Anglers Tournament releasing 9 for 18 Sailfish today. The 33’ Dawson not part of the tournament got 2/3 Mahi for clients Thomas and Thoms while John Mayer fishing inshore for a Roosterfish got his and many more and getting a Gray Taxidermy mount of his Roosterfish, also getting Red Snapper, 3 Jacks

January 25

sailfishing quepos
Inshore was the place to be today for Tulio Perez got 2 Roosterfish, 2 Jacks, 3 Snapper and 2 Barracuda aboard Chasing Bills while Thomas and Thomas inshore today got a nice Snook some snapper and jacks and Raven offshore for day 2 of the Sailfish Anglers Tournament held 3rd place at the end of day 2 with the release of 2 Sailfish

January 24

raven moonwalker
Eric Hura inshore today aboard the 27’ Costa boat got prayers answered with 7 Roosterfish and one Mackeral while offshore the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rolando Chaves released a Sailfish and got 2 mahi and raised 3 Marlin for the Brownyard family. The 38’ Bertram Raven for Day 1 of the Sailfish Anglers Tournament released 2/6 Sailfish

January 23

mahi mahi fishing
MoonWalker released 1/3 Marlin raised today and 1/2 on Sailfish for clients Thomas and Thomas while the 38’ Bertram raised 3 Marlin with no release and raised 2 Sailfish with no release for Richard Seehase who comes back on the 28th for his dream day out on the waters here off the coast of Quepos Costa Rica like everyone talks about.

January 22

tuna fishing
Inshore client John Grello got the Roosterfish he was hoping for also just missed a snook got some snapper, 1 mackerel and a needle fish. The boys offshore today hitting the Marlin. Captain Rolondo on the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker going 1/4 on Blue Marlin 1/3 on Sailfish releases and 1 Mahi and 3 Tuna while Captain Rudy Solano on the 38’ Bertram Raven released 1 Marlin, 3 Sailfish and one Mahi

January 21

sailfishing in quepos
Offshore today Captain Rolondo Chaves with John Grello and Clive Landis aboard had a phenomenal day releasing 3/5 on Blue Marlin and 1/4 on Sailfish while Captain Rudy Solano with George and Phillip Mayhew aboard released 1/5 on Blue Marlin and 1/2 on Sailfish

January 20

Thomas and Thomas on day 2 of 6 with Rolondo on the MoonWalker released 2/5 on Blue Marlin 1/3 on Sailfish and got a Mahi for Dinner, While client Dale Huggins on his 3rd day fly fishing was presented with 4 Blue Marlin and 1 Sail but no release on the fly but did get 3 Mahi for Dinner.

January 19

tuna fishing
Thomas and Thomas on day 1 of 6 days offshore released a Blue Marlin and got a 30 lb. Tuna for their First Day and Dale Huggins on the 38’ Raven Fly Fishing presented with 4 Blue Marlin and 1 Sailfish no release on the fly

The Fuhgeddaboudit Sportfishing Team and Quepos Fishing considering themselves Blessed this season with a great bite and lots of anglers arriving in Costa Rica for their “Catch of a Lifetime!”

January 10

With guests aboard our 33’ Dawson with Captain Rolando Chaves they were really excited to release their first Sailfish, get 2 tuna for dinner followed by an 80 lb. Bull Dorado

January 09

Both Offshore and Inshore today for the Fuhgeddaboudit Fishing Crews. Ken Innella aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rolondo Chaves Released a Sailfish early then started working on Dinner with 3 Mahi Mahi and then inshore for a couple of Snapper. The remainder of the group was fishing inshore today with Captain Ricardo and had an unbelievable day with 5 Roosterfish, 4 Snapper, 1 Snook, 2 Jacks and a Spanish Mackeral.

January 08

For Client Henry Olson who fished offshore yesterday with us opted for inshore full day today on the 27’ Costa Boat and was rewarded with 5 Roosterfish, 4 Jacks, 4 Snapper 1 Triple Tail and a nice Snook. and clients aboard the 26’ with 4 Roosterfish a Jack, a 12 lb. Snapper and Spanish Mackeral. While the crew on Fuhgeddaboudit offshore today got a Black Marlin, a Blue Marlin and a Mahi.

January 07

For Ken Innella aboard the 33’ Dawson releasing a Marlin today, 3 Sailfish on, 2 Mahi and 2 Tuna finding out what it is like to fish with the crew of Fuhgeddaboudit Sportfishing and Quepos Fishing while the Crew on Fuhgeddaboudit got 25 Tuna and 4 Mahi

January 06

Split charter group aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rolando Chaves going 2 for 3 on Blue Marlin, Releasing 2 Sailfish and also got 2 Mahi Mahi for dinner

January 05

sailfishing in costa rica
The crew aboard Fuhgeddaboudit got 5 Tuna 1 Mahi and Released 2 Sailfish with the Schneider Family Aboard while aboard the 38’ Bertram Raven Jana Montiel group got 3 Mahi Mahi Released a Sailfish and had a striped Marlin in the spread

January 04

sailfishing in quepos
Clients Chris Kennedy aboard the 60’ Cat Released 1 Sailfish amongst lots of action.

January 03

sailfishing in quepos
Clients aboard the 38’ Bertram with Captain Rudy Solano Released 4 Sailfish 1 Mahi and a 100 lb Tuna. Had a Marlin in the spread but didn’t take bait while Bill Nicholson offshore today went 8/13 on Sailfish.

January 02

dorado fishing in quepos
Ronald Whelan aboard the 38’ Bertram today with Captain Rudy Solano Released 6 Sailfish and got 2 Dorado