Quepos, Costa Rica Fishing Report March 2016 | Quepos Fishing

March 29

sailfishing in quepos
The 31’ Custom raised 13 Sailfish, had 10 more bites, released 4, and lost 1. Pictured is the first Sailfish for both Brian and his 16-year-old son, Cam.

March 27

Richard Reyes sent us shots of his Bachelor party aboard the 60’ Catamaran, where they together caught 8 Sailfish! That boat, by the way, can have up to 20 people aboard.

Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and his group had a fantastic day with Quepos fishing aboard the Luhrs, landing and releasing 18 Sailfish! They also caught a Dorado. Fishing in Quepos shows no sign of slowing down in April.

March 23

Out on the 38’ Luhrs, Paul Casper had one heck of a day! He landed 13 Sailfish and 8 Groupers. That has to be his personal best!

March 22

sailfishing fishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos
Bill Senhauser and his kids had a great day of Quepos fishing! They caught 14 Sailfish. Fantastic run for a great guy!

March 21

Kunal Kamlani, on the 30’ Gamefisher, caught 9 Sailfish today. Ashley Reily and her group had a fantastic time landing 4 Sailfish on the 38’ Luhrs under the helpful guidance of Ryan Lindy

March 17

sailfish  fishing boats in quepos
Robert Wolf went out for the 3/4 Day charter. Targeting Marlin only slowed him a little! He managed to land 4 Sailfish, but he was really trying to get to Mr. Big!

John Chambliss, on the 31’ Custom (the Good Day) had a nice outing too, landing 7 Sailfish.

March 16

Quepos Fishing had two charter fishing boats out today. Robert Wolf spent his second day on the 38’ Luhrs and had a great day, with 5 Sailfish and 6 Groupers. Quite a catch. On the other boat, we had a last minute request from Chris and his friends for a late 3/4 Day outing on our 35’ Custom charter boat, landing and releasing an amazing 17 Sailfish! Wow, talk about getting hooked up!

March 15

Robert Wolf begins his 3-day Quepos fishing vacation aboard the 38’ Luhrs. They got a late start, but even though he only spent a few hours fishing, he caught 4 nice Sailfish.

March 14

We had a lot of boats out today! And the Costa Rica fishing was outstanding all day long. Kimberly Bech aboard the 35’ Cabo released 8 Sailfish today.
The 30’ Custom Fandango took Alvaro Larin out, and he had the best day of all our boats! Alvaro just couldn’t keep them off the line, catching and releasing 17 Sunfish!
fishing in quepos water
Kurt Ziegler was hammering them all day long on the 33’ Custom, and managed to release 10 Sailfish back into the beautiful Quepos waters.
dorado fishing fishing in quepos
Deborah Simons and friends loaded up the Quepos Fishing 38’ Luhrs charter boat and had a blast! The six of them loaded up with 9 Sailfish, and 1 Dorado for dinner!

Out on our 33’ Dawson, Tyson Granile and his party of six were our guests, and they fished up 8 Sailfish, releasing them to fight another day.

March 13

Jayley Whiman caught  4 Sailfish today on the 26’ Center Console.

March 12

Our 38’ Lohrs took on Gus Deering, who caught 7 Sailfish. Meanwhile, Jim Adams on the 33’ Luhrs hooked eight! Fantastic fishing in Quepos today.
dorado fishing in quepos  fishing in quepos water

Jim Dooner and his family decided a fishing vacation in Quepos was a great idea, and the fish agreed! They went out on the fantastic 38’ Luhrs and released 7 Sailfish, while 1 Dorado and a nice Grouper provided dinner for the family.
red snapper snapper
Lynn Marlor and her family had an amazing Quepos fishing adventure, catching 11 Sailfish and 7 Snapper aboard our 35’ Custom.

A nice group of people on the 30’ Gamefisher got just what they bargained for — 7 Sailfish, caught and released!
rooster fishing in quepos rooster fishing in quepos

March 11

Three groups out on the Quepos, Costa Rica waters today. Bob Quinton and his wife, finishing their 3-day fishing adventure inshore, landed 3 nice Roosterfish to end out the trip!

March 10

Fishing today in the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica is as good as it has been in years. The whole Quepos Fishing charter fleet has been reporting record numbers! Guests of our 30’ Custom today crushed it, landing 12 Sailfish and releasing them to fight again some other day. Baby-blue skies and a dead-calm sea were the order of the day!

March 09

Today was off the charts! Our guests hooked and landed 16 Sailfish today. One of those Sailfish was caught on a fly rod, as you can see from our pictures! My wife caught four or 5 Sailfish today, and two yesterday.
fishing in quepos fishing in quepos

March 07

Even with a lot of our fleet out for the day, our numbers were still crazy good. Here’s a true story — our guests on the 30’ Gamefisher hooked 16 Sailfish but raised none! They were using fly lures, as that’s what the guests wanted. Then later they switched to the traditional gear and landed 5 Sailfish by the end of a great day out on the water. In fact, most of the boats in the Quepos fishing fleet landed 10 or more Sailfish today, including the 38’ Lohrs.

March 06

Quepos fishing reports promise a great day of fishing today. Our two guests on the 30’ Gamefisher released 18 Sailfish between the two! Early in the day, the 38’ Luhrs caught 8 Sailfish by 1:00 PM and said that was plenty, so headed in to dock. March is turning into the hottest Quepos fishing time of the year! But of course, we’ve always known that Quepos, Costa Rica fishing is where it’s at.
fishing in quepos fishing in quepos

March 04

I finally got to fish a little with my family! Garrett Merkin and Kate Taylor each landed Sailfish. I didn’t land one, too busy talking GoPro, but I hope to get some fishing in tomorrow.
fishing in quepos quepos boats

March 03

Getting fishing reports out of Quepos. It seems the bite is still hot! Most boats reporting double-digit catches today. By the end of the day, the Quepos Fishing fleet had done really well, too! The 38’ Luhrs had a group of eight guests who were busy hooking and reeling all day, raising 12 and releasing 10 Sailfish. We had a late request to get some guests out on the water, leaving at 11:00 AM and coming back in at 4:00 on the 44’ Luhrs, and they had a blast! They raised a bunch, and released four — not bad for a short day.
Quepos Boats Quepos Boats

March 02

Had two groups out today fly fishing. The 38’ Luhrs raised nine Sailfish, releasing 4 on the fly. And the 33’ Dawson had a great time, releasing 10 Sailfish!