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We know when you go on vacation that you want to do possibly the most exciting things you can for each unique destination. Quepos fishing is considered one of the number one spots in the world for billfish. With many days out on the water producing double-digit catch-and-release is this makes for an unbelievable adventure for a family.

Whether your kids are six years old are 95 years old this is something that everyone can experience and have a fabulous time. Many of the Anglers that go fishing in Quepos have never been fishing before and this sometimes can be a little intimidating.

But you really have nothing to fear as almost all of the crews are well-educated on helping young people and old alike in having a great day. It’s a misconception that you have to be an excellent fisherman in order to have a great catch and release day out on the water.

The crew offer as much help as you want or as little help some Anglers want to do it all themselves other Anglers want them to help them get their first fish that’s why going as a family makes this such an exciting time. Also Quepos fishing waters are some of the calmest Waters in the world if you look at any fishing Gallery you’ll see that almost every picture the water looks like glass this is very very common and makes for a really really smooth day on the water. Probably the most asked question is how rough is it out there and we always tell them that it’s like fishing nowhere else in the world there’s no back-and-forth a rocking it’s very calm and you can see many things in the water. You can even see the sale sticking out of the water from sailfish and Marlin and also sea turtles and whales, pods of dolphins so just the sightseeing alone makes for an interesting afternoon.

The average Sailfish once hooked takes about 10-15 minutes to get to the boat which gives a lot of action while they spend a lot of time jumping and soaring through the air. Marlin on the other hand can be quite an adventure these fish can get up to 600 pounds plus in can take upwards to 2 hours to land fish however it is considered one of the most sought-after trophy fish in the world so when you land a Marlin you have achieved something that not many people have. Both Marlin and Sailfish are catch-and-release however if you catch anything that’s edible like Dorado Mahi Mahi or Yellowfin Tuna all of these will be filleted and you be able to take your cash back to your hotel and Villa to enjoy that evening. So if you’re planning your next vacation and it includes Costa Rica make sure that you put Quepos fishing on the list of must do. With Manuel Antonio being possibly the number one destination in Costa Rica, Quepos fishing is only minutes away from your Manuel Antonio hotel of villa so let’s get you out on the water so that you can experience a Quepos family fishing trip of a lifetime.